Five crore for attending anti-CAA meeting at JNU, vocal sculptor standing next to Deepika


Banglahant Desk: Deepika Padukone has taken five crore rupees from attending the anti-CAA meeting at JNU, such allegations have been leveled against the actress recently. This time, Swara Bhaskar fired a cannon at the critics in support of Deepika. People believe all the rumors spread about Bollywood.
In fact, one person tweeted sarcastically, ‘Deepika Padukone took Rs 5 crore for attending an anti-CAA meeting at JNU for two minutes. But Swara Bhaskar has been against CAA for a year but has not been able to get anything but a C grade web series. God give people fatigue but not communism. '

Meanwhile, Swara is not a bride to be silent. He retweeted, “There are so many false rumors about Bollywood but why do we believe them?” No matter how obscene and false those rumors may be. However, even though Swara is vocal in this regard, Deepika is still locked in her mouth.

Incidentally, on Wednesday, the allegations against Deepika suddenly started trending on social media. Earlier this year, during the promotion of her film 'Chhapak', Deepika appeared at a demonstration of students at Jawaharlal Nehru University in Delhi. Give them the courage to stand by their side. Now it is alleged that the actress did all this for 5 crore rupees. A former RAW officer alleged that Deepika had joined the anti-CAA meeting of JNU on behalf of Anil Musarrat, who is close to Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan. He also got five crore rupees instead.