Five Pakistan soldiers killed in retaliation by Indian army


Bangla Hunt Desk: Pakistan, which is facing immense damage at the auction of Pakistan-occupied Kashmir (PoK), has launched a series of firing at Balakot, Shahpur, Kasba, Kirani and Mandar sectors in the Line of Control (Loc). A woman, including an Indian Army jawan, has been injured in violation of Pakistan's ceasefire. Also some houses on the Indian border have been damaged.

India also launched counter-attacks in response to Pakistan firing. The Indian Army's response to Pakistan was greatly damaged. According to the reports, five Pak soldiers died in Indian Army shootings. In addition, several people were injured. The breach of the Pakistani ceasefire has created a panic in the populated areas near the LoC.

A lot of bullets were fired from Pakistan on Friday night in the Balakot sector in LoC. The shootings were carried out in the Shahpur and Kasba-Kearney sectors from 9am to 12pm on Saturday. In the afternoon, Pakistan again fired missiles at army camps in Balakot, Kasba, Kirani and Shahpur sectors as well as populated areas.

Rajesh Reddy, a Jawan of the 12th Madras Regiment of Indian Army, was injured in firing without provocation by Pakistan. The jawan has been referred to Rajouri after initial treatment. In that sector, Salima BBO (1) of Nanjot village was injured in Pakistani shootings. The shells damaged many homes in the village of Balakot area.

On Friday, the Indian army destroyed a number of cannons and militant launch pads in response to a ceasefire by Pakistan in the Kron sector in the LoC. The Indian army's retaliation also resulted in heavy casualties in Pakistan. But they did not learn from that loss, and fired at the Indian village and army again.

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