Flower rain on the heads of buyers who come to buy wine! Violent viral video on social media


BanglaHunt Desk: Strange rules of protest. One person protested by throwing flowers at people standing in a long line of alcohol. And with that said, Corona (COVID-19) in a weak economy, you are the economy of the country. Helicopters rained flowers on hospitals across the country on May 3 to congratulate the health workers. But the exact opposite picture was seen in protest of the opening of a liquor store, a man from Delhi showered flowers on wine lovers standing in line.

Record line in front of the store

The country's economy has come to a standstill due to the lockdown caused by the corona virus. At this time, some areas in the Green Zone and Orange Zone have been given discounts for opening small shops. But what didn't match in the first two rounds of lockdown, came in the third round. The government lifted the ban on all liquor stores except the containment zone. With the lifting of the discount on Monday, long lines of liquor stores across the country broke all records. In the midst of the lockdown, the government earned a record amount of money in a single day.

Angry part of the liquor store discount

As soon as the clearance was received, the line fell in front of the liquor store on Monday morning. There was no plague of social distance on that line. Unable to finish, the police were given the responsibility of controlling the line. In the lockdown, where people have food shortages, students have stopped studying, the country's economy is in a state of disarray and even people's lives are in doubt, many people protested against the permission to open liquor stores.

Flower showers on people standing in line

A man from Chandernagar in Delhi protested against the government's directive in bizarre language, exposing his arrogance. He threw flowers at the people waiting in line. And he said, in a sinking economy, you are the economy of the country. He protested against the government's decision in a country where millions of people are under house arrest in the wake of the lockdown.