Flowers on the head, bare feet without pantai photo share Eleanor!


BanglaHunt Desk: Ileana D'Cruz has already made her home in Bollywood. Originally known for being a popular film, he has now become equally popular in Bollywood. Talking about Ileana de Cruz. It's been a while since he entered Bollywood. All of the pictures he made are superheroes in style.

However, this is not the only act that focuses on him. He is also very active on social media. His number of fans on Instagram has already exceeded 12.2 million. The number is increasing as the days go by. And why not grow? Ileana occasionally shares photos and videos of her photos on her Insta handle. He recently posted some such pictures. And after seeing all those pictures, netizens woke up at night.

Illyana is also being held hostage in the wake of the lockdown. So he is sharing old photos at home. He had previously traveled to Turtle Island in Fiji. The actress has now shared the picture.

She is seen standing in a white bikini in the picture. The flowers are cut in short hair. The caption writes, 'The time when I had short hair. Photo taken with bare feet and no pants'. Needless to say, the picture has traditionally gone viral on social media. Like other stars, Ileana has also stepped into the bikini trend.

In fact, Ileana de Cruz has set foot in Bollywood a long time ago. He has already done about 5 pictures. Among them are pictures of ice, Fata posters like Nicola Hero, Hiropanti, Raid.

The last time Ileana was seen was in the crazy movie. Anil Kapoor and John Abraham were opposite him. He will then be seen in The Big Bull film. Abhishek Bachchan, Ajay Devgn and Chanki Pandey are in the film with him.

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