Followed father’s footsteps, entered films, romanced with Kangana Ranaut, where is this actor today?


पिता के नक्शेकदम रखा फिल्मों में कदम, Kangana Ranaut संग किया रोमांस, आज कहां है ये एक्टर?

Adhyayan Suman, Kangana Ranaut

Adhyayan Suman Disappear From Movies: Nepo kids have always been targeted in the Bollywood industry. While stars like Varun Dhawan, Alia Bhatt, Ananya Pandey and Sara Ali Khan have strong fan followings on one hand, on the other hand they are targeted for being children of big stars. but all star kids Not so with. Son of famous Bollywood actor Shekhar Suman Study Suman When he entered the industry, he grabbed a lot of limelight. But where are the actors today and what are they doing, people are unaware of this.

Has the industry sidelined?

Even after being the son of a big star and starting his career with an actress like Kangana Ranaut, Adhyayan Suman is away from the limelight today. He is rarely seen in films as well. His father Shekhar Suman’s statement had come about this some time back. After Priyanka Chopra targeted Bollywood, Shekhar Suman also targeted the industry and said that he and his son were sidelined in the industry.

The pain of the actor was visible during this period and he believed that when he did not choose the path of becoming a part of Bollywood groupism, he had to bear the brunt of it. There was such a chain of many producers and directors in the industry because of which they did not get the desired work in Bollywood and also did not get the limelight. Shekhar had clearly said that this happened not only with him but also with his son Adhyayan Suman.

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Romance with Kangana was in discussion

When Adhyayan Suman was a newcomer in the industry, during that time his romance was also seen with Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut. Kangana was also new in the industry during this time. Adhyayan was seen romancing Kangana in his second film Raaj. The love of both blossomed and the discussions of their romance started echoing in the Bollywood corridors.

But this relationship of both did not last long and it ended badly. Adhyayan later told that his relationship with Kangana was quite toxic. Her father Shekhar Suman helped her get out of this relationship. He openly talked about his relationship with Kangana Ranaut and also made many allegations against the actress.

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what are you studying nowadays

When Adhyayan entered films, he was successful in impressing people with his attractive personality. But after this the actor saw only downfall in his career. His relationship with Kangana was also toxic and he did not even get quality films in Bollywood. He tried his luck on OTT and was seen in Bobby Deol’s popular web series Ashram. In this he played the role of Tinka Singh. Right now the actor is completely away from his limelight.

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