Following the instructions of WHO, Kovid-19 bike was made by Bengali mechanic, Surprise World


BanglaHunt Desk: Lockdown is going on across the country due to Corona virus. And there are many restrictions in this lockdown. There is social distance as well. This situation was created by a YouTuber from Tripura. The bike was built at a distance of one meter following the guidelines of the World Health Organization (WHO) on social distance.

The situation in the country where you can ride a bicycle or a bike-scooter with someone in the back seat is unthinkable. This time Perth Saha of Agartala changed the shell of that bike. Corona created a bicycle with a distance of 1 meter from one seat to the other. In other words, the government's instructions will not be disobeyed, again the bike can be run in the existing tabiyat.

The inventor told that he did not want to promote the car as a commercial product. So he will not take the permission of the transport department. Perth Saha said, “I see everyone talking about social distance. But how important it is and many are not following it. So if I can get their attention and send a message, it will work. ”

Corona named this bike 'Covid-19' bike made in the context. Perth, 39, said: “I used a bicycle seat to make this bike different. I have a distance of 1 meter with the back seat. I used a 750 watt DC motor and a 48 watt battery. Diameter. ” Perth, the inventor of the fancy Covid-19 bike, started his career as a mechanic. Also became popular as the next youtuber. He also worked as a technical instructor at an institute for some time. Perth said the bike takes 3 hours to charge. Once charged, the bike travels 60 kilometers.