'Food is not provided to Hindus, Christians', Pakistan warns of strong US

BanglaHunt Desk: Now there is an economic catastrophe all over the world. The governments of every country in the world are facing similar difficulties, but they are trying to keep the citizens of their country well. Particular care is taken with regard to their food content. But in this situation, there is no wind in Pakistan (pakisthan). Sources say that there are no Hindus and Christians in Pakistan who are not served selectively.

This time the news went to the ears of the US government agency, and in strict language said that all people should be provided food regardless of religion, and if that is not done, appropriate action will be taken. Meanwhile, Anurima Vergab, an American Commissioner for International Religious Freedom in America, said that the people of Pakistan are struggling with starvation, where Corona's influence is increasing.

But there has been news that Hindus and Christians are not provided food there. It will not be dismissed in any way. Everyone has to provide food. The government of Pakistan has been talking about this, so that all people irrespective of caste religion are provided food.

A non-governmental organization refuses to provide food to Hindus and Christians in Pakistan, saying they are reserved only for Muslims. This discrepancy cannot be accepted in any way. America has given a strong response to that matter. If it is not obeyed, appropriate steps will be taken in the future.

Thus, America warns that religion-based discrimination on food should not happen in Pakistan. Another commissioner of the organization, John Murray, said: “Imran Khan is fighting against both starvation and Corona as the Prime Minister of a developing country. He shows the way to fight. But care must be taken not to neglect minorities.

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