Foot massage from pizza, what is not in the service of farmers! Viral is the picture


Bangla Hunt Desk: Today is the 15th day of farmers protesting in the border areas of Delhi against the Agriculture Act. Farmers are sitting on the streets demanding the repeal of three agricultural laws. These farmers from Punjab, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan and other states have come to the Delhi border to protest. Wi-Fi, washing machines, geysers, bread machines, foot massage and theater facilities have been provided to the farmers so that they do not face any problem.

Every day in the Singhu border, the farmers sit in the morning movement. Then in the evening watching Punjabi songs and movies relieves the trouble of the whole day. For this, big speakers have also been installed in the tractor trolley at the border.

The farmers have been preparing for the movement for six months. Farmers who came to the border brought a lot of rations with them. Large bread machines have been brought so that they do not have to bake bread. Two thousand loaves of bread are made by that machine in one hour.

Farmers are being given the facility of continuous mobile internet. For this, many Wi-Fi has been installed in the display area. In addition, the username and password have been made public. Punjabi singer Amy Birk has supported the farmers. He reached Singhu Border on Wednesday and entertained the farmers by singing and encouraging them.

Large batteries have been brought along with inverters and solar panels so that farmers do not have any problem with electricity. Regular meals have also been provided. A washing machine has also been provided to facilitate the farmers to wash their clothes and pants.