Football is about to return to Italy very soon, but the Italy Football Federation has reported bad news for the visitors.


The Corona virus is the most affected in Italy right now. This country in Europe has become a procession of deaths due to the Corona virus. But in spite of all this, the Football Federation of Italy has been keen to launch football in that country.

Italy Football Federation has announced that they want to start a football league in the country by the end of May. But even though the football leagues were launched, Italian Football Federation officials gave bad news to football-loving supporters. The Italian Football Federation has decided that with the opening of the Italian Football League, the gates of the stadium will remain closed for the visitors, and the Football Federation has decided to close the stadium until 2021. This means that even this season, Italy's football fans will not be able to enter the field to watch Cristiano Ronaldo play most of next season.

All kinds of football have been banned in Italy since March for the maroon virus corona. For this reason, Italy Football Federation has started planning to start football without wasting time. That is why Italy Football Federation will begin testing the footballers from the end of this month, then the Football League will be started.

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