Football World Cup every two years! FIFA started the discussion with a strong step


Bangla Hunt Desk: Usually FIFA Football World Cup is held every four years, that is, football fans have to wait for four years to enjoy the World Cup. Everyone thinks it’s a long time. Also the team that is knocked out of the World Cup for a short time has to wait another four years to win the World Cup. And that’s why FIFA started thinking about reducing the time interval of the Football World Cup.

FIFA is considering reducing the World Cup from four years to two years. FIFA’s annual meeting was held on Friday, and there are indications from that meeting. The World Cup is held every four years and only one country is fully responsible for hosting the World Cup. Therefore, if the interval of the World Cup is reduced, that is, if the World Cup is held every two years, other countries will also get the responsibility of organizing the World Cup. As a result, FIFA will benefit financially. And that is why FIFA is going to take such a decision.

The Saudi Arabian Football Federation was the first to bring this proposal to FIFA. Their claim is that the future of football is getting worse day by day due to the Corona hyperbole, so the World Cup should be held every two years instead of four years to make football more accessible to all. FIFA will benefit a lot financially. And FIFA remembers the proposal of the Saudi Football Federation. Since then, FIFA has been discussing the issue vigorously.