Footballer offering love to his girlfriend on the playground, the audience was overjoyed! Viral video

Bangla Hunt Desk: A few days ago, during India’s match against Australia, an Indian young man proposed to his Aussie-friendly girlfriend in the stadium. The incident went viral on social media. Not only that, this scene was also used in various advertisements and mimes. A repeat telecast of such an extraordinary love scene was seen on the playground again. However, this time no supporter offered love. Instead, in front of thousands of fans, the famous American footballer Hassani Dotson offered his love to his girlfriend.

Hasani played for Minnesota United Football Club in the MLS League on Sunday. Despite a desperate fight against San Hosse, Minnesota did not win. In the end the match was drawn 2-2. But even though he could not give the joy of winning the match, Hasani gave a unique moment to the supporters on this day. Before the end of the match, he knelt down and proposed to his girlfriend Petra in front of everyone. The audience also continues to strongly support this pair. In the end, Petra accepted Hasani’s offer and read the ring.

This scene is now going viral on social media. The spectators on both sides applauded and congratulated the couple for about 10 minutes. Hasani Dotson shared the scene of this moment on social media. His girlfriend Petra also shared a picture with everyone on social media.

Fighting between the parties on the playground is a traditional fact. But this time Hasani and Petra sowed the seeds of love in that field. The players of the opposing team also wished them a happy new life.