For China, the worst of the worst days came, and China's Long March Rocket broke


BanglaHunt Desk: There is a financial crisis all over the world for the Corona situation (COVID-19). And in the meantime, China faces a huge financial crisis. China made a Long March rocket. Their plan was to launch them with this rocket on Mars and on the Moon. All the tests were also performed on this rocket after it was made. But in real time, when this rocket was sent into space, the rocket crashed twice in a month. As a result, China now faces severe losses.

When the rocket first broke down, it was carrying a satellite from China. But this time, the rocket was carrying an Indonesian satellite. China wanted this heavyweight rocket to send satellites to almost every country in the world. So that they get a lot of profit. It is also alleged that they wanted to take the contract to ISRO to harm India.

China has been rocketing to other countries' formulas, allegations have been raised against China many times. That's why the United States imposed sanctions on China, saying that American satellites would not send rockets made by Chinese companies into space. American satellites are usually sent by NASA or Indian-made rockets into space.

This is not the first time that there have been accusations against China many times over in other countries about formula removal. That is why China cannot even say in detail about technology. The amount of money that China has spent on making this rocket, if any other country, would make its own formula and send that rocket into space. China has been lying to them, now saying one hundred heads.

Indonesia wanted to send their rocket into space by relying on their precious satellite China. But now Indonesia's hope is completely broken. Rocket is also manufactured in India. But at that time, China had persuaded Indonesia to send their satellites into space.

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