For the first time any Hindu is a Pakistan Air Force pilot, know the details

BanglaHunt Desk: Rahul Dev, even though he is a Hindu, agreed to fly in the air of Pakistan. Not a story, but a very real one. A Hindu youth will fly in the skies of Pakistan almost 70 years after independence. Residents of Tarparkar in Pakistan's Sindh province are now proud of Rahul.

Pakistani oppression

Minority Hindus in Pakistan have been persecuted many times for many reasons. His proof has been found many times by people all over the world including India. It was even heard that corona victims were currently being sent to Sindh province. However, this time a Hindu boy got permission to fly in the Pak sky from that area. And that is what the minority Hindus of Pakistan are proud of.

A resident of Tarparkar in Sindh province of Pakistan

The young man has now joined the Pakistan Air Force as a general's duty pilot. This is the first time in the history of Pakistan that a Hindu has joined as a pilot. This Rahul Dev created history. The pilot is a resident of Tarparkar in Sindh province of Pakistan. A large portion of the Hindus living in Pakistan live there. Rahul was the first Hindu from the underdeveloped region to join the Pakistan Air Force.

Ravi Dawani, secretary of the All Pakistan Hindu Panchayat, attributed Rahul's success

Ravi Dawani, secretary of the All Pakistan Hindu Panchayat, is very happy with Rahul Dev's success despite being a minority Hindu in the Pak-inhabited area. And he said, ‘Many members of that minority community are serving in the military as well as serving in the civil service. In particular, many of the country's leading physicians belong to the Hindu community. If the government continues to focus on minorities, many Rahul Devs will be ready to serve the country in the future.