For the first time in the world, a Bangladeshi company has demanded the creation of a generic remedy

BanglaHunt Desk: Bangladesh has overtaken the fastest growing country in the world. The United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved the emergency use of the drug Remedaciv in the treatment of corona sufferers on April 29. Within 10 days of the announcement, SKF Pharmaceuticals Limited, a Bangladeshi pharmaceutical company, demanded that the drug be developed against coronavirus. All processes of production are over. Preparations are now underway to supply that medicine.

Simin Hossain, one of the leaders of SKF, said, “At this difficult time in the country, we want to give the good news to the people that we have completed all the steps to produce the generic remedy, which is the only effective medicine for corona in the world.”

The trade name of RemDesivir produced by SKF is 'Remivir'. The drug, made by Gilead Sciences, a US company that treats corona, has received worldwide response. The U.S. Drug Administration (FDA) approved the use of remedicivir last week.

Meanwhile, Japan's drug administration has allowed the drug to be applied to corona patients since Friday. However, it is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. In this case, SKFE is the world's first manufacturer of generic remedies.

Gilead has exclusive rights to the production of remediV, but underdeveloped countries such as Bangladesh, which is recognized by the United Nations under international trade law, can disregard these rights. However, the drug is not available in the open market right now. It will be given to a hospital or clinic approved by the Government of Bangladesh for corona treatment.

Since it is an intravenous injection, a delicate process has to be followed in its production. Simin Hossain said that it was possible to produce it in such a short time due to the relentless work of SKF workers for two months. It is learned that this drug will be applied on corona patients in Bangladesh very soon.

Remedaciv is given as an intravenous injection into a person infected with the coronavirus. Its dose depends on the disease. Doctors say a dose of 5 or 10 days may be required for critically ill patients. How much can the remixer cost? Simin said, each dose will cost around five to six thousand rupees. There are two types of doses of the drug – 5 and 10 days. 55 thousand rupees in 10 days and 30 thousand Bangladeshi rupees in 5 days dose.