For the first time since becoming a mother, Swapna has publicly targeted the Kejriwal government on social media

Popular Harianvi dancer and former Bigg Boss contestant Swapna Chowdhury (swapna chowdhury) has recently become a mother. He has not been seen to be very active on social media for some time. Sapna even stopped dancing. Finally, for the first time since becoming a mother, Swapna came live on social media. And then he took the Kejriwal government of Delhi in one hand.

During the 25-minute lockdown on social media live, Sapna fired a cannon at the Kejriwal government over the lack of income of the artists. He added that many artists have lost their jobs due to the directive to invite only 50 guests to the wedding. Swapna herself is in trouble as the dance program in Lockdown has stopped.

On live, he added, corona infections are more prevalent in buses, trains and crowds. In many places the rules are not being followed. But the Kejriwal government has no eye on that. The government has banned the number of guests invited only to wedding ceremonies. Many artists are in trouble because this wedding season is their livelihood.

Incidentally, Sapna came up in the news headlines a few months ago. News of his marriage went viral on social media. It is known that she became a mother four months after her secret marriage in July in the midst of lockdown.

On the other hand, her husband Bir Sahu opened her mouth amidst rumors about her dream marriage. He made it clear that they got married last December. However, Sapna did not do any show during the lockdown pregnancy. She became a mother a few days ago. After resting for a while, Sapna started dancing again.