For the first time since independence, military uniforms will be made in India

Even after 70 years of independence, the Indian army had to depend on other countries for uniforms. This time, overcoming the barrier of dependence, Narendra Modi's 'self-reliant India' is about to be made into a military uniform. This is the first time after independence that the army will wear home-made clothes.

The police and army uniforms of the country used to come from China, Taiwan and Korea. But this time the clothes will be made in Surat. The Indian Army has ordered a textile mill in Surat, Gujarat, to produce one million meters of this special fabric.

This special fabric will be made entirely under the supervision of DRDO. The company has passed the sample test before Diwali Production will start in a couple of months. By the way, the clothes used in army clothes are very different from other clothes. It is not possible to tear this special fabric (defense fabric) by hand.

It is learned that once the work of making this defense fabric is completed, multiple items including bulletproof jackets and bags will be made for the army.