For this reason, Indian Railways may decide to close the workers' special train


Bengali Hunt Desk: Indian Railways has signaled the closure of the Shramik Special Train. It may be mentioned that 321 more workers from Indian Railways have been requested to run special trains. And by fulfilling this request, the railway workers can stop the special train. According to the Railways, the trains will run as long as applications are received from the states.

As of May 30, the railways had received applications from 321 more workers to run special trains, according to PTI. The railways have so far delivered 57 lakh workers to their homes by more than 4,000 trains. But now there is no application from the states to run such trains.

According to the information received, only 321 new trains have been demanded from the Railways. And most of his trains are for West Bengal. It takes two days for Indian Railways to meet the demand of 321 trains, which run about 200 workers daily. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

However, the railways are being asked by the states to run the planned trains. According to official sources, the railways operated only 69 trains on Sunday. Since May 1, railway workers have been running special trains to take migrant workers home.