Foreign tourists were spending days in the caves as money ran out, police took action after receiving news


BanglaHunt Desk: Maran virus is spreading all over the country. Many people have died. Many others are infected. At the root of it Lockdown is happening all over the country. Various corridors are going on. Stay home, obey social distance – the message is being repeated. But under these circumstances Hrishikesh was spending the night in the cave. Recently in their Hrishikesh (Police sent quarantine to a monastery at Hrishikesh.

According to police sources, the tourists are from different countries. But they have been together in the cave since March 25. Tourists from France, America, Ukraine, Turkey, Nepal have been sent to Hrishikesh's paradise. They will be kept there in quarantine for 7 days. However, no body has seen signs of infection yet.

But why is there so much space in a cave?? One tourist said they came to visit before the lockdown was announced. But then everything stops. The airline stopped. Meanwhile, the capital of the hotel also came to an end. So they left the hotel after saving money for food. Then the tourist residence is a cave.

Booked in hopes that the lockdown would rise on April 7. But as the term expires on May 7, more capital is drawn. In this case there was no motion except in the cave. One tourist reported. Not only these, about 5 (700) foreign tourists are stuck in Hrishikesh. They have also launched a website to help foreigners trapped in India in lockdown.

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