Foreigner Eating Fire Paan: Foreigner eats fire paan for the first time, reaction is worth watching


Foreigner Eating Fire Paan: विदेशी छोरे ने पहली बार खाया फायर पान, देखने लायक है रिएक्शन

Fire Paan: This video is creating a lot of buzz on the internet. In this, a foreigner is seen trying a fire pan for the first time. But the kind of reaction the guy gives during this is worth watching.

When foreigner ate fire pan for the first time

If you are also fond of paan, then you must have eaten the world famous ‘Banarsi Paan’. However, now different flavors of paan are available in the market. Whereas, some vendors have even invented the Atrangi fusion. is one of thesefire pan, However, everyone hesitates before tasting this spicy fiery paan. Something similar happened with a foreign boy. Its Video It is becoming increasingly viral, in which the reaction of the person is worth watching.

The foreign youth seen in the viral video is American YouTuber Arieh Smith. During food blogging, when Smith passes by a paan shop, he is amazed to see fire paan. After this, he himself gets a fire paan made from Paan Wale Bhaiya to try it. But when the shopkeeper tries to put fire paan in his mouth, Smith hesitates to eat it. It can be seen in the video that after a lot of nervousness, Smith tries it. But the kind of expressions he gives during this is worth watching.

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See here, when the foreign boy ate fire paan, how was the reaction

This video of food blogger Smith, shared on Twitter with the handle @NoContextHumans, is creating a lot of buzz on the internet. This video, uploaded on April 25, has got about 60 lakh views so far, while likes and comments are pouring in on the video.

A foreign user has written while commenting, now this brother has become a dragon. Whereas, the other says, I think it will be a really amazing flavor. I want to try too. Another user has written, Fire Pan is a wonderful experience. Everyone must try once.

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