Forget the bitter past, bright prospects for the future, the video of the celebration with boyfriend Vicky goes viral


BanglaHunt Desk: Leaving behind the old memories, now it is a busy picture with the present In the iron (ankita lokhande). Nine months have passed since the death of Sushant Singh Rajput. Like others, Ankita herself has forgotten the memories of the past and has plunged into her personal life again with the present.

After breaking up with Sushant, now Vicky Jain has come into his life. Ankita is often seen sharing pictures with him.

Drawing has recently completed a three-year relationship with Vicky. Ankita Vicky started walking together in 2016. They have spent three years together. Sometimes there must have been a lot of storms. After Sushant’s death, Ankita has also been criticized for having a relationship with Vicky. Even still having to listen.

However, he is serious enough about his relationship with Vicky. Vicky and Ankita were seen celebrating the three years together. Ankita shared a video of them dancing together.

The actress has also shared a video of her three years together with her fans. Many people have greeted Vicky Ankita because of their relationship. Some have also criticized the painting, recalling the late Sushant. However, Ankita could not be reached for comment.

In a recent interview, Ankita said about Sushant that she had lost several big pictures to save her relationship with Sushant. Among them are pictures like Bajirao Mastani and Happy New Year.

At that time, Ankita gave more importance to her personal relationship than her career. But despite that, the relationship did not last. Ankita was completely broken after her break up with Sushant. Then he concentrated on his career. She made her film debut in Manikarnika with Kangana Ranaut. Ankita has also been seen in the film Baghi Three.