Forget the cover and kiss on the lips, close up in front of the camera in the last episode.


Banglahant Desk: Star Jalsha's very popular serial 'Ekhane Akash Neel' (ekhane akash neel) has recently come to an end. There were many protests on social media to stop the closure of the favorite series. Some even threatened to kill themselves. But the producers of the serial did not hesitate.

However, in the last episode of the serial, the audience was waiting for surprises. In the last episode, the protagonists Ujan and Hiya were caught in a close position in front of the camera. They were even seen kissing on the lips, pushing away the ragged mentality of Bengali serials.

As much as the audience was shocked, they also raised questions about the safety in the Corona situation. Although the shooting started after the lockdown, the shooting of the serial is being done by taking all the precautions according to the distance rules. In such a situation romantic or intimate scenes seem very fake.

It is the decision of the makers of Akash Nile in the last episode to remove this hard idea. However, the producers and producers of the serial claim that the kissing was done with the permission of the protagonist from the intimate scene.

However, there has been dissatisfaction in the industry with this scenario. In the words of Shantilal Mukherjee, executive editor of the Artists Forum, “What else can be said if those who made the instructions themselves break the meeting?”

On the other hand, Ujan alias Shaun claims that all the instructions have been obeyed. Most of the scenes have been cheated. However, Hiya alias Anamika did not comment after the serial ended.

Earlier, Anamika had said about the end of the sky blue here, all the series have to end at a certain time, otherwise it becomes monotonous. This serial is ending just in time. However, the decision to stop the serial hastily due to the anger of the viewers? Anamika replied that the channel authorities can say that.