Forgetting caste, 10 Hindus gave blood to save the life of a Muslim old man


BanglaHunt Desk: 'Two Kusum Hindu Muslims on the same stalk'. An example of this is Shamli in Uttar Pradesh. Such a sign of mutual brotherhood was also seen during the lockdown. Ordinary people are very happy to see that. It was seen that 10 people came forward to give blood to a sick Muslim for the elderly. Everyone is a Hindu. All of them, from domestic workers to government employees, gathered at a blood donation drive.

Nur Mohammad, a 70-year-old resident of Shamli, had been ill for about a week. Two days ago, he was admitted to a nursing home after his condition deteriorated, where doctors told him he needed ten units of blood. It was very difficult to collect so many units of blood due to the lockdown. Ajay Sangal, the blood back operator, was later contacted by a doctor. After that, blood transfusions from donors begin within hours. The ten donors were Hindus, from housewife Seema Mittal to Collectorate employee Manoj Kumar. Seeing all this, Nur Mohammad's family was dazzled.

Even Ajay Sangal, manager of the bank and component center, said that in the past, social worker Ravi Jaglan created the WhatsApp group under the name of Jaglan Blood Group Shamli, with many donors involved.
People come to donate blood regardless of their religion and age. Also on Saturday, Astal, due to this group, Nur Mohammad was given ten units of blood for the admitted patient within a few hours because of this group. Among the blood donors are Seema Mittal, Sagar, Keshab, Satendra Pal, Manoj Kumar, Vasu, Radhe, Abhijit Mittal, Shivam Mittal, Gaurab and Tushar Jain.

Nur Mohammad’s son Mohammad Anwar said, ‘Dad was sick for a week. Two days ago, when his health deteriorated, I was admitted to a nursing home. He was diagnosed with severe jaundice. Immediately 10 units of blood will be required. My mind becomes very bad. Who will come to give blood in this lockdown. The doctor spoke to the blood bank and within hours of sending the WhatsApp message, the Hindu siblings donated blood. We are all happy about that.