Forgetting the monomalinya, Tiyasha-Suban near Vijaya, the photo of the viral 'Krishnakali' with vermilion on her husband's cheek

BanglaHunt Desk: This year's pujo in Corona atmosphere is very different from other times. Due to the barrage of people entering the mandapa, the number of people on the streets is less. This time the pujota has been cut in a very domestic way.

The popular serial Krishnakali actress Tiyasha Roy is no exception. Pujo also spent time with friends and family during the shooting. Pujo also shared his joy with the fans on social media. From time to time, Tiyasha has shared pictures of her Pujo look.

This time on Vijaya Dashami, the actress's picture of playing Sindur is also viral. However, Tiyasha is not herself, the pictures have been shared from one of her fanpages. Although Vijaya passed away two days ago, his remnants are still with everyone. The idols in some mandapas have not been abandoned yet.

So, after a while, Tiyasha got involved in the game of Sindur. Husband Suban has also been seen. The actress was caught on camera in a red and white sari. At the same time, Tiyasha posed with a smile on her cheeks and on her cheeks.

Earlier, Tiyasa did a photoshoot during the shooting of Krishnakoli. She also finished Pujo's outfit during the shooting. The actress shared a picture in that outfit. However, in this film, he was caught in the role of Shayama.

On the other hand, the actress has shared another video. There he was seen with long bob cut hair. She is wearing a red blazer and black top. The popular English song 'Play Date' is playing in the background. Netizens remember this hot western look Tiasa, but the netizens are confused about who his play date is.