Former army major called to expel Hindus from Bangladesh!

Bangla Hunt Desk: A video of former Bangladesh Army Major Dilwar Hussain, who recently went viral on social media, has caused a stir. He was seen making anti-Hindu remarks in the video. Dilbar Hussain has directly threatened Hindus living in Bangladesh like Islamic extremists. He called for uprooting 15 to 20 lakh Hindus from the soil of Bangladesh to give more income to the Muslim community. Taking an oath in the name of Allah, he said, 15 to 20 lakh jobs will be created only if the Hindus of the country are uprooted.

According to reports, Hussein lives abroad and is associated with the opposition BNP-JL (Jamaat-e-Islami). There is not much information about this former major, but it is clear that he is trying to incite anti-Hindu fanaticism to enter the politics of Bangladesh.

The former major has poisoned Hindus in his 33-minute video. He said, ‘I am appealing to everyone to make a list of Indian, India-loving Bangladeshis in Bangladesh. I will be launching a website soon, where you can name them. I will send the lists of these names to the police and the army of Bangladesh. The time will soon come to send Hindus to India.

Hussein's video has gone viral on Facebook, with more than 2,000 people sharing it. He considered Indian nationals as the worst enemy of Bangladesh. He also threatened to uproot Hindus from Bangladesh. He also threatened the industrialists in Bangladesh who respect Indians and give jobs to Hindus.