Former BJP MLA walks barefoot for six months, vowing not to wear shoes


Bangla Hunt Desk: Panic over the corona virus has spread across the country for the past few months. People are living a very cautious way to fight against this virus. Meanwhile, news of a promise by a BJP leader to fight the virus is coming to light. Jawahar Prasad, a 65-year-old former BJP MLA from Sasaram in Bihar, has not worn shoes for the past six months. He is determined not to wear shoes until the epidemic leaves the country.

According to the information received, he took off his slippers from his feet last March. Even if he goes to any event, he goes barefoot. Due to this decision of the former MLA, the whole Sasaram is practicing hard on him. People in the area said that the former MLA was injured many times due to not wearing shoes, his legs were amputated, but he has not worn shoes even after suffering thousands of injuries in the last six months. He walked barefoot even in the heat of the senior month. “No matter how long it takes, I won't wear shoes until Corona is away from the country,” he said.

Jawahar Prasad was a five-time MLA from Sasaram. “I will continue to do so until the Corona virus is eradicated,” he said. After the swing, he stopped wearing slippers. And he promised that I would not wear shoes until the epidemic was over. Be it political activities or going out of town, he has not worn slippers since the swing. Preparations for the Bihar elections are in full swing, and he is still working barefoot.

Opponents, on the other hand, sarcastically say it's just a drama. He is doing this drama to get people's sympathy. Opponents say nothing will happen to his political stunt. He is doing this drama because he lost the last time by a huge vote. And this time too he will lose by a huge vote.

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