Former CMD of Amrapali did not get relief from Supreme Court, SC said- ‘Enjoy jail now’


आम्रपाली के पूर्व CMD को सुप्रीम कोर्ट से नहीं मिली राहत, SC ने कहा-

Supreme Court said to the former CMD of Amrapali – ‘Enjoy the jail now’

The former CMD of Amrapali, who looted lakhs of people, has got a big blow from the Supreme Court. The court has rejected the bail of former CMD of Amrapali Group Anil Kumar Sharma. At the same time, the court has also reprimanded. The court has reprimanded him and said that you deserve sympathy or pity, it would be better if you spend more time in jail and enjoy the jail.

Let me tell you, the Supreme Court has reprimanded the former CMD of Amrapali in the case of cheating millions of people. He is accused of cheating lakhs of people in the purchase of houses.

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Court rejected bail plea

On Friday, the bench of Justice Ajay Rastogi and Justice Bela M Trivedi rejected the bail of Anil Sharma. At the same time, the court has also refused to issue notice to the opposition party. Let me tell you, Anil Sharma has been in jail for 4 years on the charges of cheating people. The court has also asked them to cut it in more time.

According to media reports, the court has told Anil Sharma that he has duped lakhs of people in the name of buying houses. Their hard earned money has been stolen. In such a situation, he is not entitled to mercy or sympathy, but deserves punishment. The court said that the court is well aware of what Anil Sharma has done. In such a situation, he should not expect mercy from the court at all. Due to this strict attitude of the court, he will have to spend some more time in jail.

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