Four escaped from Pune mosque with quarantine stamp in hand

BanglaHunt Desk: Many people have died of corona virus. Many have been attacked again. A quarantine patient is given a stamp. That's exactly what happened in Pune, Maharashtra. In Pune, Maharashtra police have ordered four of them to be in quarantine. The quarantine stamp was put on hand. But on Friday night, the mosque disappeared from the mosque (11).

According to PTI sources, the Pune police have said that none of the seven persons has any connection with the Nizamuddin incident in Delhi. After the incident came to the fore, the government of Maharashtra ordered the people in various mosques to stay in Quarantine for 7 days. According to police in Pune, the order was taken as a precautionary measure. Police are constantly monitoring the activities of those who were kept in the home quarantine. Not just Maharashtra. Police are taking action in all the states of the country. On Friday, Pune police surveillance found the three men not in the mosque.

According to the district police, these three are residents of various states including Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan. They have been in Pune since February 22. But suddenly the reason why he escaped. Police have been trying to find shelter where they escaped from the mosque. Because there is no chance of leaving the city. Lockdown causes all mass transportation to stop.

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