Four footballers, including the club president, were killed in a horrific plane crash in Brazil

Bangla Hunt Desk: A tragic accident happened in Brazil. Memories of ShapeQueens four years ago came back in a horrific plane crash. The president of the Brazilian fourth division club Palmer, along with four footballers, died in the plane crash. The shadow of mourning has descended on the sport of Brazil.

According to local media sources, the four footballers of the Palmer team and the club president were supposed to travel 800 km to Goiania to play a tournament. For that purpose they boarded a small plane for Goiania. The aircraft was attended by pilots, club presidents Lucas Mera and Marcus Molinari, Gilrem Noe, Lucas Procades and Ranule.

The plane crashed into a jungle a few kilometers after takeoff. Six passengers on the plane died on the spot. As soon as this news came out, the shadow of mourning fell on the Brazilian sports world. The Brazilian Football Federation and FIFA, the world's top governing body, have expressed grief over the news.

In 2016, the plane of ShapeQueens crashed in this way. In that incident, the whole team was almost finished.