Foxconn Bengaluru: Apple will make 20 million phones in Bengaluru from April, this is the plan


Foxconn Bengaluru: अप्रैल से बेंगलुरु में 2 करोड़ फोन बनाएगी एपल, ये है प्लान

Foxconn Bengaluru: Apple will make 20 million phones in Bengaluru from April, this is the planImage Credit source: Unsplash

After opening stores in Delhi and Mumbai, veteran tech company Apple has made a big announcement. Now Apple will manufacture 2 crore smart phones every year in India. The company will start phone production from its Bangalore unit from April. For this, the company has made a master plan from land purchase to production.

Let us tell you, Taiwanese electronics giant Foxconn Company will start making phones at the Devanahalli facility in Bengaluru from April next year for Apple Inc. This will also provide job opportunities to thousands of people. After this, every year the company will make 20 million Apple phones in India.

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this is the plan

Thousands of job opportunities will also open in this Rs 13,600 crore project. About 50,000 jobs will be created during this project. Foxconn aims to complete the project in three phases. With the completion of all three phases, two crore iPhones will be made in India annually. Due to this, there is a possibility of increasing procurement along with production in India.

ITIR’s 300 acres of land in Devanahalli will be handed over to Foxconn for this project by July 1 this year. Foxconn has paid 30 percent i.e. Rs 90 crore for the land. Apart from this, the government will also provide 5 million liters of water and electricity to the company for this project. Representatives of Foxconn have met Karnataka Industries Minister Patil. After which he announced this. During this, Karnataka’s Information Technology Minister Priyank Kharge was also present.

Sold products worth 50 crores in a month

Apple has sold 50 crore products within a month. Recently Apple has opened its stores in Delhi and Mumbai. Since then the growth of the company has increased significantly. According to the reports, the stores in Mumbai and Delhi are earning very well in a month. In this, they are earning 22 to 25 crores every month.

This earning is much higher than the opening of any new electronic store. Due to the premium of Apple products, there is so much increase in their sales. In the coming days, when Foxconn will make 20 million phones every year, then this figure can be even higher.

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