France will not bow to religious fundamentalism, says Emanuel Macron

Bengali Hunt Desk: Muslim countries are outraged by the statement of the President of France Emmanuel Macron regarding “Islamic terrorists”. However, Emanuel Macron has made it clear that his country will not bow to extremists.

This time too, Emanuel Macron's strong reaction has come to the fore. Macron said in a tweet on Sunday, ‘The extremists are saying that France should not be honored. They are saying that men and women are not equal and little girls should not be given equal rights as men. ” “I want to make it clear to you that this is not going to happen in our country,” Macron said in Arabic.

“A lot of lies are coming to my ears,” Macron told Al Jazeera TV. I want to make it clear that what we are doing in France now is to fight terrorism in the name of Islam. It is not against Islam. “Terrorism has claimed the lives of more than 300 people in our country,” he said.

“I see a lot of people talking about France these days,” Macron said. I am being held responsible for this incident. That being said, I support Mohammed’s cartoons. “I support writing, thinking and speaking independently in our country,” he said. It is a right, and it is our freedom. My mission is to protect the right to freedom.