Free tea for husbands abused by their wives! Viral is the tea waller shop


viral: Many of us can't go a moment without tea. Whether it is cold or hot, anger or joy, tea is always the companion of many. And by making tea according to the mood, a tea shop has gone viral.

At the moment, one Chawla has become a topic of practice across the internet. The biggest reason behind going viral is the ‘menu card’ of tea, where ‘free’ tea is being given to the wife’s abused husbands. In addition to these, there are many options on the menu such as love tea, couple special tea. Let's find out about the price.

Bewafa Chawla's menu card has all kinds of tea. Their prices are also different. Cheap cheap tea here for cheaters. It costs only 5 rupees. Tea is available from Kalu Bewafa tea seller according to the mood of the customer. Newlyweds or broken hearts, tea is sold here keeping in mind the situation.

There is a tea in this menu card with the help of which you can get the mind of boyfriend or girlfriend. Which is the most expensive want here. The shopkeeper claims that people get their love as soon as they drink this tea. Shop owner Kalu says that if you want to fall in love with someone, give them this tea.

Another special thing about this tea stall is that it has made it famous. Here free tea is given to the husbands abused by the wife. For this, you have to come here with your wife and have tea and show the demo that you are abused but you will not be charged.