Fresh World War II bomb weighing 500 kg was found! The locals were evacuated safely

BanglaHunt Desk: World War II (World War II) is in the pages of history, but this time the bomb started with a bomb. The bomb is still fresh from World War II. Found in Frankfood, Germany. Weight about 500 kg.

The fresh World War II bomb was found in a construction site in Frankfurt on Sunday. As soon as the bomb was received, tension spread among the locals. About 13,000 locals were evacuated for fear of a bomb blast. However, experts have been able to defuse the bomb.

Earlier, a bomb weighing about 5,400 kg was found in an area near the Pist canal outside the Polish town of Suinski. The bomber struck shortly after noon in front of a British military base. The bomb, about 19 feet long, contained 2,400 kg of explosives.

650 people were evacuated for fear of an accident. Navy officials detonated the bomb at a depth of 12 meters.