Friend India agreed to soften the tone by calling Modi a Trudeau and vaccinating Canada

BanglaHunt Desk: Justin Trudeau softened the tune within 24 hours. He called Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Corona made a special request for the vaccine. Prime Minister Modi also agreed over the phone.

The situation in Canada has taken a terrible turn. Vaccines have become very necessary in this situation. Canada sent a proposal to India expressing its desire to import 1 million vaccines from India. But looking at the current situation, India refused with the vaccine.

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At present, Canada has been critical of the Indian government for standing by the farmers on the issue of India’s internal peasant movement. Despite India’s ban, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau did not listen to the ban. Considering Canada’s attitude, 25 countries agreed to vaccinate, but Canada was not on the list.

Within a day of canceling Canada’s name, Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau called Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi late last night after seeing Begatika. On the phone, he made a special request to Prime Minister Modi to give the corona vaccine.

Prime Minister Modi tweeted after talking to Trudeau. “I received a call from the Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau in a friendly country,” he wrote. I assured him that India would help Canada with the corona vaccine.

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India wanted to teach Canada a lesson by opposing the Indian government. Despite repeated warnings, when Trudeau did not want to walk the straight path, India had to go a little backwards for Canada. Similarly, when Canada’s name was dropped from the list of 25 countries despite Canada’s request, Trudeau softened his tone and called Prime Minister Modi within 24 hours. And like a friend, India extended a helping hand to him.