From Ather to Ola, which company sold maximum scooters in May? learn


Electric Scooter: एथर से ओला तक, मई में किस कंपनी ने बेचे सबसे ज्यादा स्कूटर्स? जानें

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The craze of EV is increasing gradually, if you are also planning to buy a new electric scooter for yourself but do not understand which company’s scooter to bet on? Today we will tell you which company has sold the maximum number of scooters in the last month i.e. May 2023. By looking at the figures of electric scooters sold in May, you will be able to understand which company’s popularity among the customers in the market. Scooter The demand is highest.

Ather Energy

Ather Energy has released its last month sales report, this Bengaluru based company has sold 15 thousand 256 units in May 2023.

Ola Electric

Last month in May, the company has sold so many scooters that Ola Electric has become the largest selling electric scooter company. For the information of you people, let us tell you that the company has sold 35 thousand electric scooters in May 2023.

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Okaya EV

Okaya company has also done bumper sales of electric scooters last month, for the information of the people, let us tell you that the company has achieved a growth of 140 percent as compared to last year. Last month the company has sold 3 thousand 875 electric scooters.

This could be the reason for the bumper sales of electric scooters

Remind that last month the government had announced that the government is going to cut the FAME II subsidy from June 1. In such a situation, all the companies have announced that from June 1, 2023, the companies will make their electric scooter models expensive. Not only this, the companies were also offering great offers till May 31, 2023 to woo the customers. Bumper discounts were being given to the customers till May 31, so this could also be one of the reasons behind the increase in the sales of electric scooters in May. Could.

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