From banking to WhatsApp, these 10 important changes will take place in early 2021


The new year 2021 is going to bring many new things. From January 1, many changes are going to take place in the lives of all of us. In this report we are going to tell you 10 big changes that can be dangerous if you don't know

The rules regarding check payment will change from January 1. Lopgative pay system will be applicable for checks above Rs 50,000. A positive pay system is an automated tool that will check if the check is fake.

The government can give New Year gifts to power consumers. The Ministry of Power is preparing to implement the Consumer Rights Rules from January 1. If it is turned on, the power distribution companies will have to provide services to the customers within the stipulated time, if they fail to do so, there may be a penalty.

WhatsApp will stop working on some smartphones from January 1 to 21. This list includes both Android and iPhone. WhatsApp will no longer work on smartphones with iOS 9 and Android 4.0.3 operating systems.

Be able to buy a general life insurance (standard term plan) for a low premium. RRDAI has directed insurance companies to introduce a standard term life insurance after introducing a standard regular health insurance plan called Health Revitalization. Insurance companies are going to introduce a general life insurance policy from January 1. Under the new insurance plan, low premium plans can be purchased.

In 21 you have to pay toll with fastag. Drivers who cross national highway tolls without speeding will be charged double. At the same time you have to keep at least one and a half hundred rupees in your Fastag account, otherwise Fastag will be blacklisted.

The government is preparing to take some more steps in terms of sales returns to provide relief to small traders. Under which the GST process will be further simplified. In the new process, small traders doing business worth Rs 5 crore will have to submit only four sales returns a year from January next year.

To make calls to mobile phones from landlines across the country, you now have to pay a zero before the number from 1 January. TRAI recommended ‘Zero’ (0) before making such a call on May 29, 2020.

From January 1, you may incur additional charges if you transact through Amazon Pay, Google Pay and Phone Pay.

Considering the interests of investors, market regulator SEBI has made some changes in the rules of mutual funds to reduce their risk. Under the new rules, 75 per cent of the funds will have to be invested in equities, which is currently the lowest at 75 per cent.

If you are planning to buy a car, buy early. Buying a car in the new year will be very expensive, as companies have been raising car prices since January. Maruti Suzuki, Ford India and Kia Motors are expected to increase car prices from January 1, 2021.