From cooking gas to rail, bank – several important changes from the first day of November, find out.

Cooking gas (lpg), rail to bank (bank) From the first day of November, multiple rules are changing. Let's not know what's changing

1. Rail: Rail time table is changing from November 1. The timings of 13,000 passenger trains and 6,000 freight trains are changing. Besides, the time of 30 Rajdhani Express is changing.

2. Tejas Express: Tejas Express will start running between Delhi and Chandigarh from November 1.

3. Bank: Bank of Baroda This time customers will have to pay extra charges for deposits and withdrawals.

4. Gas: From now on, when booking cooking gas, a special code will come to your phone number. Gas delivery will be provided only if you show this special code or DAC delivery boy. Failure to provide this code will result in no gas delivery.

5. Gas booking on WhatsApp: Gas booking can be done by sending a refill from your registered mobile number to the WhatsApp number of the concerned company. More information about cooking gas can also be found through WhatsApp.