From Donald Trump to Narendra Modi, how much do the top three leaders in the world get paid


How do those who have important responsibilities like running the state run their families, that is, how much do they get paid? Many of us are curious about this. In all cases, they are not paid enough. The latest example of this is the statement of the British Prime Minister Boris Johnson. Boris said he plans to do something else because it has become difficult to live with the current salary. Find out the salaries of the world's top three leaders to see how true Boris's statement is

Donald Trump:
While contesting the presidential election, Donald Trump claimed that he would not take the salary. However, the US Constitution did not allow him that. That's why President Trump has been forced to take a salary, but he has donated most of it. Former U.S. presidents like John F. Kennedy and Herbert Hoover, who came from wealthy families, also donated their salaries. Trump's total wealth is two and a half billion dollars. He is the first billionaire US president. According to a list by USA TODAY, he ranks fourth among the top paid world leaders. His salary is 2.94 crore per year

Narendra Modi
On October 12, 2020, Prime Minister Narendra Modi briefed the nation on his economic situation. According to the report, his movable assets increased from 1.39 crore in the last financial year to 1.75 crore. A report in the Hindustan Times claims that the prime minister has spent very little of his salary to increase his wealth. Prime Minister Modi and his cabinet colleagues have decided to cut their salaries by 30 per cent this year due to the COVID-19 crisis. Prime Minister Modi receives two lakh rupees a month, which is far less than all the leaders in the world.

Boris Johnson:
Earlier in the day, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson claimed that his salary was not enough to support his family and that he was considering retiring. Before being sworn in as Prime Minister, Boris Johnson worked for the English daily The Telegraph, where his salary was Rs 2.5 crore a year. He also used to earn crores of rupees by speaking in different places. His current salary is Tk 1.43 crore a year.