From Modi-Putin to Kim Jong, what would you look like if you were a rockstar? AI showed glimpse


मोदी-पुतिन से लेकर किम जोंग तक, रॉकस्टार होते तो कैसे दिखते? AI ने दिखाई झलक

How would Modi-Putin look if they were rockstars?

Artificial Intelligence: Narendra Modi In today’s time, he has become one of the most influential leaders of the world. He is famous not only in India but all over the world. Whichever country he goes to, he gets a grand welcome there. Indians living in those countries look desperate to have a glimpse of him. Although he is the PM of the country and before that he was the CM of Gujarat, but have you ever thought that if Narendra Modi (Narendra Modi) What would have happened if there were no leaders?

How would Narendra Modi look if he was a rockstar, holding a guitar in his hands and singing songs on stage? By thinking of this, perhaps the desire to see such a form of him would have arisen in your mind. So don’t think too much, have a look. These days his Rockstar avatar is becoming very viral on social media. Not only him, but the rockstar look of the leaders of all the powerful countries of the world is becoming increasingly viral, seeing which people are surprised.

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See the rockstar avatars of world leaders including Modi-Putin

Actually, the pictures of these leaders have been captured by Artificial Intelligence (AI).artificial intelligence) is made with the help of These have been shared on the social media platform Instagram with the ID named jyo_john_mulloor, in which you are from Narendra Modi to US President Joe Biden, Barack Obama, Donald Trump, Russian President Vladimir Putin, including North Korean dictator Kim Jong’s rockstar ‘avatar’. can see.

These wonderful pictures have got more than 31 thousand likes so far and users have given different reactions. Some are saying that ‘it was good to see Modi ji on top’, while some are saying that ‘all the pictures are better than one’.

Similarly, another user has written that ‘My favorite is Obama. He looks very natural and this rockstar look suits him too’, so a user has written that ‘Where is Xi Jinping? He is also one of the most powerful leaders in the world ‘, while some users are also saying that this is great creativity.

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