From next week, the number of coronary infections will decrease in the country, the survey says

BanglaHunt Desk: A good news has come to the people of the country, this news will have a positive impact on everyone. Barkahar Mukherjee, a professor at the University of Michigan, said they recently conducted a survey and found that the number of coronary cases would be significantly reduced in the next week. Infected and removed is the test step, and there is the result, which is a hope for India.

He said that the lockdown was ongoing in the country, thinking of extending the term, if people do not leave the house, but with social detaining, then the number of coronary attacks in the country will be greatly reduced within the next one week. Will go

Meanwhile, another university assistant superintendent said that until now lockdown's old people are still in the house, but in some places it has been seen that people are not taking this lockdown seriously. From this point, you must keep an eye on it. So lockdown is very important until April 5th. Lockdown has now been extended to many states. But the Prime Minister has not yet announced anything final. However, there is a possibility of a declaration by tomorrow.

According to sources, the meeting decided that lockdown would continue for two more weeks after April 7. Lockdown was launched to prevent the Corona epidemic on March 28. The fight was expected to be effective in a lockdown of 20 days. The epidemic can be stopped. But that did not happen, as the number of states is still increasing in the country, many states are moving towards increasing lockdown.

Meanwhile, experts say different things. They say India is a populous country. To avoid this corona, they have to comply with Social Distancing along with Lock Down, and if they do not, then there will be no gain. So they are thinking of a lock-down until June 1st. Meanwhile, the government has announced a tie-down until April 3, a tie has been reported. The last lockdown was on March 27, which will continue till April 7, after which the 7-day lock-down may again occur. So far, the number of victims has been estimated at 5, out of which 26 died.

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