From 'Save Betty' to 'Save the Criminal'! Rahul Gandhi's cannon to Modi government

Bangla Hunt Desk: Former Congress President Rahul Gandhi and Prime Minister Narendra Modi's relationship with the snake from the beginning. Whenever Prime Minister Modi takes a new decision on any issue, Rahul Gandhi has always been seen to oppose him. Rahul Gandhi has always been seen reprimanding the Prime Minister for any decision taken by the country.

Rahul's cannon in Hathras Kand

Protests over the recent Hathras scandal in Uttar Pradesh have sparked riots across the country. There, the former Congress leader Rahul Gandhi did not stop attacking the BJP government. Rahul Gandhi also tweeted comparing the rule of Uttar Pradesh government with that of Jungle Raj.

In that tweet, he wrote, ‘Jungle Raj is going on in Uttar Pradesh. In this jungle state, brutal oppression of girls and government oppression is going on. Sometimes it is seen that there is no respect in the living state, again the right to be buried is being taken away. The BJP's slogan is 'Don't save Betty', 'Show your power behind the scenes'.

Save the girl, save the criminal!

In another tweet on Sunday morning, Rahul Gandhi slammed the Uttar Pradesh government over the law and order situation in the state. He wrote, ‘How it started: Save Betty. How it’s going: Save the criminals ’. He alleged that although the BJP government had initially launched the 'Save Betty' campaign, it has now turned into a 'Save the Criminals' campaign.