From Sunny Leone to Alia Bhatt, everyone in the photoshoot has been caught in a 'topless' avatar, see that bold picture


BanglaHunt Desk: Bollywood star photographer Daboo Ratnani is very popular. Every year, popular stars do photoshoots in new poses for his calendar. And all those photoshoots go viral every time.

Earlier this year, Kiara Advani surprised Dabu Ratnani with a topless photoshoot for her calendar. He posed for a photoshoot behind a page and caused a stir on social media. However, Kiarai is not the first, before that Alia Bhatt, Deepika Padukone, Vidya Balan, Sunny Leone and many others have done topless photoshoots for the Dabur calendar.

Kiara Advani– Kiara Advani's appealing picture caused quite a stir on social media. However, Bell Mim was also made with the film.

Land Pednecker– This year, Bhumi also did a topless photoshoot for Dabur's calendar. He was caught on camera sitting in the middle of the bathtub.

Sunny Leone– Everyone will admit that Sunny doesn't have a pair to do an appealing photoshoot. He has also been seen in topless avatars before. This time Sunny hid herself behind a book topless for the calendar photoshoot.

Vidya Balan– Vidya has been caught topless several times for Dabur's photoshoot. His picture behind the newspaper is quite viral.

Parineeti Chopra– Parineeti was caught on camera sitting in the middle of a trolley.

Kriti Sanon– Kriti did a photoshoot with hot pants and a hat in front of her chest.

Alia Bhatt– Alia has done topless photoshoots more than once. He once took a picture of himself hiding behind a black cat.

Deepika Padukone– Surprisingly, Deepika's name is also in the list of topless pictures. He was captured on camera behind the sofa topless.