From this point on, students will have to read 5 subjects instead of 5, CBSE's decision


BanglaHunt Desk: The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has made a very important announcement for ninth and tenth grade students. From this time it has been decided to study 9 subjects instead of English, Hindi, Mathematics, Social Science and Science.

From the new academic session, ninth and tenth grade students will now have to read 9 subjects instead of 5. Ro can choose to study 4 additional subjects. Additional topics will be sixth subject skill based, seventh optional language, 8th and 9th subject arts, health and physical education and work experience.

Also, if a student is unable to pass any of the 3 core subjects (science, mathematics, social science) and passes on the subject of proficiency, then the number of the main subject will be replaced with the standard obtained in the proficient subject. If the language test fails but passes the optional language subject, then the student's score result will vary from the subject of another language.

This information is on the CBSE Academic Website http: // A PDF uploaded for the curriculum for this academic session 2020-21 is provided in the PDF.

Relevant, there is a lockdown going on across the country at this time of the day. All educational institutions in the closed country. This is a decision not to spread the infection among the students. It is not known exactly when the lockdown will take place on April 7, but when will the school be opened.

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