From unseen honeymoon photos to personal phone wallpapers, Shubhshree leaked everything on social media


BanglaHunt Desk: Viral Tollywood's new little celebrity Yuva's picture. The son of director Raj Chakraborty and Shubhshree Ganguly is now obsessed with social media. A few days ago, he completed three months. Yuvan, the jewel in Raj Shubhshree's eyes, is now a star in his own right. Posting her picture on social media is viral. At this young age, Yuvan expresses himself towards the camera in such a way that he cannot fall in love.

Recently, Shubhshree played a funny game on social media. Fans asked him to post pictures on any one subject. Accordingly, the actress has shared an unseen picture of her son Yuvan. The picture shows Baba Raj kissing Yuvan with both hands on his lap. Shubhshree stood beside him smiling.

The picture was probably taken during Shubhshree's birthday. The actress turned 30 immediately after becoming a mother. At that time a domestic party was also organized. The picture is also believed to be from that period. Shubhshree also shared some more pictures on social media at the request of the fans.

The actress shared pictures without her makeup, honeymoon pictures, an unseen picture of her pregnancy, and even a picture of Yuvan's sleeping face on her phone wallpaper. Every picture is now viral on social media.

Recently, Yuvan was captured on camera sitting on the lap of his mother Shubhshree. Retail wearing blue t-shirt and jeans. He is looking at the camera with big eyes in surprise. This photo was shared on Instagram on behalf of Shubhshree's fan club.

Baba Raj Chakraborty shared a picture of Yuvan on the occasion of his three-month birthday. It can be seen that he is sitting on the lap of mother Shubhshree and looking at the camera with big eyes. In the caption, Raj writes, “My two-eyed jewel, three months of motherhood, Shubhshree.” The image goes viral as soon as it is shared.

The actress also shared a picture of her son on her lap. He was seen kissing Yuvan on the forehead. Shubhshree also posted a boomerang video. From Jit to Manali, almost everyone in Tollywood filled Yuvan with love.