Fruit juice shops are running inside ATMs, viral hall videos on social media

Viral Video: Every town and village has ATM facility. This arrangement is made by each bank so that the customers do not have to rush to the bank for money again and again. And all the security is provided in this ATM starting from CCTV camera. But a different picture emerged outside the ATM in Amravati, Maharashtra. There is a fruit juice shop inside an ATM and a lassi shop outside.

The shopkeeper has completely occupied the ATM center. The security of the bank and the law have been given a thumbs up by opening a juice shop in an ATM. A video of the ATM surfaced, clearly showing how a local shopkeeper opened a juice shop inside the ATM. Not only that, chairs have also been arranged in front of ATMs to accommodate the customers.

The local businessman has opened a juice shop inside the ATM and a lassi shop outside.