Full Stack Development Bootcamp

In the present time, it is becoming a fact that every other company you see is a tech company. Not to mention, this has led to the steadily growing demand for software engineers with the ability to solve problems creatively and implement robust and sustainable solutions for the company. In a survey, done by KMPG and Harvey Nash Study their report shows that 67% of the tech leaders were unable to acquire the talent they need.

That’s why Knowledgehut has brought for you this curated Full Stack Development Bootcamp where regardless of your professional background; you will get an edge in breaking into and accelerating your future-proof career in tech.

What is in Full-Stack Development Bootcamp for you?

This immersive learning coding Bootcamp is designed with a sole to get you hired. It features the best of everything such as in-class live training, learning-by-doing through Cloud Labs, and a personalized mentorship at every stage of your Bootcamp.

So, grab this opportunity to build a firm foundation skill as you experience this journey from zero programming to acing that first interview with on-hand demonstrative skills across tools and technologies, as you name.

This Full Stack Development course is a beginner-friendly bootcamp which will be offered online in a blended learning mode, not only as a full-time but a part-time programme as well for your convenience. The bootcamp is curated as an on-demand self-paced course and gives you the best chance to get prepared for your dream job with an attractive project portfolio showing your versatility as a developer, having required skills in a long, healthy career in tech.

Why Become a skilled Full-Stack Developer

These days, Full-Stack Developers are highly sought-after by the tech firms worldwide. The reason behind is that a modern web application requiresabove 20 different job functions and a developer can transverse these diverse job functions across the stack, doing job of several at once. Hence, a full stack developer is highly valuable and is in great demand by the companies. The annual average pay of a full stack developer is $111,293 per year. Then, why limit your skills being a back-end developer who doesn’t know CSS or being a front-end developer who can’t even write an SQL query because you must develop expertise across multiple tools and technologies as needed today for you to sustain in the industry.

It is to note that the demand for software developers is about to take high jump by 17% a growth much faster than the average and by 2026 it is expected to demand more than 253,000 new software developer roles. So, get ready to get equipped with all aspects of growing demand in handling databases and servers to system and the clients. Some of the edge in skills that you gain in this Bootcamp is as listed below:

  • You get newly acquired full-stack skills to showcase through a professional grade portfolio. Go beyond Full-Stack skills and also learn critical techno-managerial skills to build professional projects efficiently.
  • You will learn fundamentals of programming, the world-wide web and its key stakeholders and how to manage end-to-end SDLC using both traditional and agile methodologies.
  • You will an edge in learning Linux essentials, like key commands, workflows and techniques and also get to master version controlling and managing code and assets using Git and GitHub.
  • Starting with basics in JavaScript; to loops, arrays and objects and leveling up with functions and more.
  • You become master in micro-services, including the inter-service messaging and use of AWS Lambda and API Gateway.
  • Get to know building performant server side apps and APIs with Node.js and Express and how to set up a database, schema, implement SQL queries with MySQL and integrate with Node.js apps.
  • Here, the mentors will teach you with Cloud Labs, how to reinforce newly learned skills using coding exercises and give you work-like micro-experiences across several modules.

Final Thoughts

With the unique vantage point of being a full-stack developer, you create a versatile skill set; make yourself capable to deal with any part of the project as needed irrespective of in which industry or geography you’re in. So, join this Full Stack Development Bootcamp now and accelerate your tech career with 1-on-1 mentorship. If you have a query or need to know more, reach out to us at https://www.knowledgehut.com/web-development/fullstack-development-bootcamp-training.