Funny trick to push the friend into the water! Funny viral video of two elephants spread on Netdunia


Banglahunt Desk: Various types of viral videos are circulating in the net world. Many times it stays in the jewel of the human mind, and many times it gets lost with time. But recently, a video of a sweet naughtiness of two elephants has gone viral on social media, which has made netizens laugh.

It’s not just human activity that goes viral in the net world. Many times the activity of many wild animals comes up in the list of viral videos. Sometimes it becomes sweet, sometimes it is terrible. However, in this case, the video of the naughtiness of the two elephants went viral after being shared.

Check out the shared viral video first-

As seen in the video, two elephants are standing by a pond. As soon as one of the elephants moved forward a little, the elephant behind the omni came and pushed the elephant in front with its head. With some funny tricks, the elephant in the back pushed the friend in front and threw him into the water.

Sushant Nanda IFS shared a video of this funny scene on social media. “This is the situation after Holi today,” he wrote as he shared. Such a funny video of two friends elephants went viral after being shared on Netdunia. The 4-second video has become so popular on social media that it has already garnered about 11K views. Retweeted about 200 times and liked by about 1600 netizens.