Gaurab-Deblina got married in lockdown! Honeymoon preparations are underway


BanglaHunt Desk: Who doesn't know Tollywood actress Devlina Kumar? He also got a lot of attention as a minor character in the film 'Praktan'. However, due to his recent relationship with Gourab Chatterjee, he is coming into the limelight. No one is left to know about the open relationship between the two.
Many in the industry also call Debelina Uttam Kumar's future granddaughter-in-law. Going to parties together, hanging out at each other's homes, and even going abroad on vacation. Debbie is also in the house of glory in the lockdown. Evidence of this has been found many times in Debbie and Gaurab's Insta post.

In this situation, everyone was asking when they are getting married. In the end, Debbie's glory did not make the fans wait any longer. He got married in the middle of the lockdown. In the Instagram post of the two, Deblina was seen with a branch in her hand and a vermilion in her hand. Gaurab is next to him. They are also planning to go for honeymoon this time. But when is the marriage?

Let's say it openly. Deblina and Gaurab are going through a lockdown together, but they haven't recovered so quickly. None of this is due to shooting. A few new stories are starting in Lockdown on the screen of Zee Bangla, the name is Lockdown Diary: Truth. The various incidents that took place in the lockdown will be presented here in the form of stories. Gaurab and Deblina are acting in a story called Honeymoon.

The whole shooting was done at home. Gaurab also shared the behind-the-scenes footage of the camera on his Insta handle. The series will be aired on Zee Bangla from June 1 at 9 pm.