Gautam Adani got support from Rajiv Jain, GQG Partners increased investment in Adani Group


गौतम अडानी को मिला राजीव जैन का साथ, जीक्यूजी पार्टनर्स ने अडानी ग्रुप में बढ़ाया निवेश

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Ever since Gautam Adani’s Adani Group got the backing of Rajeev Jain’s investment firm GQG Partners, small investors investing in the group and companies have got a sigh of relief. Now again Adani group has played a big bet with Rajeev Jain. GQG Partners has taken a 10 per cent stake, doubling its investment. Apart from this, Rajeev Jain has made his complete 5-year plan regarding Adani Group, so that new life can be infused inside the group. Let us also tell you what Rajiv Jain is going to do with the Adani Group in the next five years.

Rajeev Jain doubles investment in Adani Group

Rajeev Jain’s GQG Partners company has reduced its investment in Adani Group to 10 per cent. This means that he has doubled his investment. The reason for this is also that within 100 days Adani group companies have increased the investment of Rs 15 thousand crore for GQG Partners to more than Rs 23 thousand crore. Apart from this, Rajiv Jain has said in an interview that in the coming days, he can be with Adani Group in fund raising planning.

Made a five year plan

Rajeev Jain is very excited about the success of his investment in Adani Group. For which he has also done planning for the next five years. GQG Partners Chief Economist Officer Rajeev Jain said during the interview that in the next five years, his company wants to become the largest investor in the Adani Group on a valuation basis after the family. It is clear that GQG Partners wants to make its place as a core member in Adani Group, so that it can get maximum profit. That is why the American firm is also continuously investing.

29 thousand crore investment value

He said that the investment value of GQG Partners in Adani Group was around Rs 29,000 crore i.e. $3.5 billion. By the way, he has not given information about how much he has invested in which company of Adani Group. Earlier, in the month of March, the American firm had invested more than $ 2 billion i.e. more than Rs 15 thousand crore in 4 companies of Adani Group through Family Trust.

There was an increase in shares

After this investment, there was a tremendous increase in the shares of Adani Group. In fact, in the report of Hindenburg Research on January 24, Adani Group was accused of accounting fraud. After this allegation, the shares of Adani Group had seen a decline of more than 70 percent and the market cap of the group companies was reduced by $ 150 billion. Ever since GQG invested in Adani Group and before that it did an investment roadshow, since then there has been an increase in the shares of group companies.

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