Gautam Gambhir attacked Afridi as a liar, a beneficiary, a traitor.


No one is aware of the battle inside the field of Gautam Gambhir and Shahid Afridi in the history of cricket, but now both have retired from cricket so it has been a long time since they have not been seen together in the field. But will that stop their war? Never once on the field but often through social media often have a fight with each other, this war does not want to stop. Starting from that cricket ground, social media is now stopping the battle of these two star cricketers.

Lockdown is currently underway around the world for the Corona virus. In the meantime, the two-star cricketer got involved in a fight on social media. Although Afridi was the first to open the dugout, Gautam Gambhir did not leave Afridi. Indian batsman Gautam Gambhir has given a fitting reply by tweeting after Afridi's knock. Afridi went on to say about Gautam Gambhir in his autobiographical game changer, which has no record of what Indian cricketers think of the World Cup final batsman, Gautam Gambhir, who has not done anything in his cricket career that the Chinese can cheat.

However, after knowing this, Gautam Gambhir did not sit quietly. He replied in a harsh language to Afridi. Gautam Gambhir even questioned Afridi's age. Gautam Gambhir tweeted in reply to Afridi, who does not remember his own age will remember my record again. Nevertheless, Afridi once reminded that in the final match of the Twenty20 World Cup against India vs Pakistan, I played just 54 balls for 75 runs. Standing there, Afridi was out at zero. But the biggest thing was the World Cup we won. Also, with the intention of Afridi, Gambhir writes that I am not tolerated by liars, opportunists and traitors.

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