Gaza’s only corona testing lab was demolished by Israel! Palestine faces new dangers

BanglaHunt Desk: The Israeli airstrikes have destroyed the only corona testing lab in the Gaza Strip. After the Israeli airstrikes, all work in the lab was stopped. Palestine is facing huge losses in the fight against Corona after the lab shut down. According to reports, a part of the Al-Rimal clinic in the Gaza Strip was destroyed in an Israeli airstrike. Gaza’s health ministry and Qatar’s Red Crescent office were also affected. Many Israeli health ministry workers were injured in the airstrikes. The condition of some people is critical.

Gaza’s deputy health minister, Abu al-Risha, said the Israeli airstrike had injured several officials. Ministry spokesman Arshad Kidra said the Israeli attack had hampered the work of the Palestinian Ministry of Health. When the coronavirus was showing blood in the country, Israel launched this attack and pushed us further back in the fight against coronavirus.

Arshad Kidra said, “Our only testing lab has been severely damaged by the Israeli attack.” As a result, the screening test has stopped. Prior to the clashes between Israel and Hamas, 1,800 people were tested for corona in the Gaza Strip every day.

In the Gaza Strip, on the one hand, there is an attack from the side of Israel, on the other hand, they have to bear the blow of Corona. The corona positivity rate in Gaza is 26 percent, one of the most affected countries in the world. On the other hand, Israel is now completely free. There, without Max, people can roam the streets. But by destroying Gaza’s only corona testing lab, Israel has put Palestine in even greater danger.